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‘The Biggest Biggest Problem’: New drug for Lyme disease can’t be patented

A new drug for treating Lyme disease has failed to make it to clinical trials.

The National Institutes of Health said the drug, called BMS-8-D, is still in phase 3 clinical trials and was not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for clinical use.

The new drug is a joint effort between Pfizer and Sanofi and was originally expected to be released in March 2018.

But after the National Institutes and Pfizer pulled out, the new drug was put on hold and could only be approved by Pfizer.

The drug was first approved in November of last year for use in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic fatigue, a condition that causes fatigue, low energy and fatigue, according to Pfizer.

“It’s a really exciting drug,” Pfizer CEO John Martin said in a statement.

“I’m sure it’s a long way off being ready for the market.

The good news is we’re working on it and will announce it very soon.””

The drug is not going to be ready for use until we get the FDA approval,” Sanofi CEO Joseph Egan said in the same statement.

The company has been testing the drug in more than 1,500 people and the results are promising, Pfizer said.

It will be up to the FDA to approve the drug.

The FDA said in February that it would not approve the treatment for clinical trials because it does not have sufficient data.

Sanofi said it will begin clinical trials of BMS 8-D in the next couple of weeks and said the company has the “full backing of all stakeholders.”