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Pharmacy is now on pace to reach 25 percent of U.S. prescriptions by 2030

Pharmacies are now seeing more and more people buying prescription medications through the CVS and Rite Aid websites, and the average CVS pharmacy has about 25 percent more employees than the average Rite Aid pharmacy.

That trend is likely to continue for a while, according to a new report from the National Geographic Society.

The number of CVS pharmacies in the U. S. grew by nearly 2 million in the past year, with the average number of employees increased from 11,200 to 13,400. 

The growth of pharmacy-based prescription drugs will not just be limited to the U, however.

The new report notes that the percentage of Americans who have access to a CVS or Rite Aid pharmacare will be even higher by 2030, when about 17 percent of Americans will have a pharmacy.

And that trend is projected to continue to rise: By 2030, pharmacy employment in the United States will reach about 19.7 million, according the report.

And by 2040, the number of people accessing pharmacy services will increase to nearly 20.8 million. 

But pharmacare is not the only way people can access the drugs in the C.N.A. pharmacy.

Rite Aid pharmacies have been expanding their pharmacare offerings, and now they’re seeing more than 30 percent of their patients using their CVS services.

As of October, Rite Aid’s pharmacare programs had about 1.1 million people enrolled in them, the vast majority of whom were either Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries.

By 2040 that number will be more than 9.2 million, the report notes.

CVS’ Pharmacy Is Now On Pace To Reach 25 Percent Of U..

S, Rite Aides Share According to the study, pharmacare services will continue to grow as well, as more people in the country will be accessing the drugs.

But the number and growth of C.A.-based pharmacy workers will be particularly dramatic, the National Geographics Society noted.

CVS is expected to hire roughly 1.3 million pharmacy employees by 2023, according with a projected hiring rate of more than 2.4 million.

But CVS’ pharmacy jobs are expected to increase even more.

The National Geographic report predicts that by 2035, the total number of pharmacy jobs will be 3.5 million, up from about 1 million currently.

By then, pharmacists will have grown from about 250,000 to more than 600,000.