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India’s largest pharmacy chain will be the first to start selling the Hy Vee brand in India

A pharma brand of India’s biggest pharmacy chain, India’s Hy Veenet, has been announced.

Hy Veenets products are aimed at consumers who like the convenience of buying directly from their local pharmacy. 

The company’s founder said that the company is targeting the growing Indian middle class and that it is already seeing an increase in sales. 

“I am really excited.

This is the first time that Hy Vees products have been available in India,” said Dr. Raghavendra Gupta, managing director, Hy Veenes subsidiary, in a statement.”

We believe the HyVeenet brand is the perfect complement to the existing pharmacy chain.” 

Hy Vee was launched in 2014 and currently has about 6,000 pharmacies across the country, with around 70,000 of those in the Indian state of Kerala. 

Hyveenets has said that its products will be made available in other parts of India as well.

Hyveene has about 30 employees. 

While the company’s initial focus is on India, the firm has been working with partners across the world including Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

According to the company, its total sales of products and services for India are expected to hit $20 billion by 2022.