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What’s in your pharmacy today?

By now, you’ve probably been shopping for a new drug, maybe a new product or a new supplement.

Or perhaps you’re in the process of shopping for your next treatment.

The Pharmacy Resource Center is here to help you make your decision.

Here’s what you need to know about the many pharmacies in the U.S. pharmacy industry.

How do I find a pharmacy near my home?

The most common places to find a new or used pharmacy are the Walgreens or Kroger stores near my address.

The following pharmacies are close to my home:Aetna, Anthem, CVS, Walgens, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, Target, Costco, Target Express, and Walgorex.

If you have questions about a particular pharmacy, contact your nearest pharmacy.

Are you looking for an area near your pharmacy?

Use our pharmacy map to find nearby pharmacies.

The Pharmacy Service Center at Walgarts, Kroger, Target and other Walgros is located at 1035 S. High St. In addition to the information provided at this site, the Pharmacy service center is staffed by trained pharmacists.

These pharmacists will be available to answer questions about the pharmacy, answer any pharmacy questions you may have, and provide referrals to other pharmacies in your area.