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Letter from a Pharmacy Technician from the Philippines

Letter from Pharmacy Technicians in the Philippines.

If you need help getting medication, you can get help from our Pharmacy Team.

This letter is written by a Pharmacist who had a difficult time with her medication, due to the lack of medication and the constant anxiety that comes with it.

The Pharmacy Taker would like to share her experience and share the things she knows and what she has learned in her job.

She writes in English and has a little Filipino on the end of her name, and it’s really great.

I would like her to share a few things:1.

You need to know your medication in the first place.

If the pharmacy is out of your medication, ask the pharmacist to ask you to fill out the medication dispensing sheet.2.

Don’t waste time.

The pharmacy should have your medications in stock.3.

If your medication is missing from the pharmacy, you need to contact your local pharmacy to have it replaced.4.

If someone is taking your medication for you, please call your local pharmacist and ask them to check if they can send you a substitute.5.

If a pharmacist cannot replace your medication quickly, you should call your doctor.

This will allow them to monitor your medication closely.6.

You have to get your medication as soon as possible.

If it is still too late, ask for a substitute and get your replacement.7.

You are not alone.

There are a lot of Pharmacy Workers in the area who have struggled with their medications.

We all have our own unique issues with medications, and if you are struggling with medication, please take a moment to share with your colleagues.

Thank you for being here, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!_______________________________________________What are the symptoms of depression?1.

Feeling hopeless.

You feel that you are not going to be able to do things because you don’t feel like doing them.2: Difficulty concentrating.

You can’t concentrate on a task or do anything.3: Feeling anxious.

You want to be home and you feel you are losing your mind.4: Feeling stressed out.

You get angry at yourself and you worry you will get depressed.5: Feel depressed because of things in your life.

You don’t want to think about your family or friends.6: Feeling suicidal.

You know that you have suicidal thoughts.

You do not know what to do.7: Feeling angry.

You hate yourself.

You would rather kill yourself than live in the same room with someone else.8: Feeling sad.

You often feel depressed and feel sad about things.

You wish you could be happy and happy people would stop talking about you.9: Feeling embarrassed.

You cannot show what you really like to do in public.10: Feeling confused.

You always wonder why you don,t feel happy.11: Feeling lonely.

You find it hard to communicate with others because you feel ashamed and alone.12: Feeling overwhelmed.

You’re always having trouble remembering things, and you are constantly having to think of things.13: Feeling guilty.

You sometimes feel guilty about things that happen to you, such as sleeping with someone or getting a job that doesn’t pay enough money.14: Feeling tired.

You miss your usual activities or activities you used to enjoy.15: Feeling sick.

You usually feel tired, especially if you eat too much.16: Feeling depressed.

You think of bad things you have done in your past that you regret.17: Feeling worried.

You worry about your health and want to change things, but you are afraid you will lose your job.18: Feeling self-conscious.

You try to make sure that you don´t do things that make you feel guilty or embarrassed.19: Feeling ashamed.

You hide your emotions and feelings.20: Feeling hopeless or worthless.

You just don´ t feel like trying to do anything in life.21: Being depressed because you can’t take care of yourself.22: Feeling jealous or hurtful.

You resent someone or want someone to take advantage of you.23: Feeling afraid.

You fear losing your job, family, or friends because of your condition.24: Feeling weak or helpless.

You see yourself as weak or powerless.25: Feeling powerless.

You hope others will not judge you because of the condition.26: Feeling bad about yourself.

Your condition makes you feel worthless or inferior.27: Feeling insecure or insecure about yourself or your ability to handle things.28: Feeling worthless.

You feel you have nothing to live for.29: Feeling discouraged or hopeless.

You don´T know what you want to do with your life or how to live your life for yourself.30: Feeling disconnected.

You dont know what life is like for you or how you are going to cope with things in the future.31: Feeling helpless.

Your life has become meaningless.32: Feeling like you can´t take care to live.33: Feeling defeated. You