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How to buy and sell weed at a Green Pharmacy

A couple weeks ago, Sam’s Club got a little push from the government.

The retail chain is now allowed to sell recreational marijuana.

The stores that remain open will be allowed to be open during the legal time frame.

Sam’s Club says it is now looking at how to manage this transition.

In its letter, the chain said it has been reviewing its business operations, but it expects to make changes over time.

“We will continue to work closely with our management team and stakeholders to understand our strategy and our business objectives, including how we can best support the legalization of recreational marijuana, and we will evaluate and mitigate any potential risks to the business,” Sam’s spokesperson says.

The company is still in the process of reviewing the regulations and deciding whether it will continue as a retail chain.

“Our goal at Sam’s is to be a good, family-owned, family run pharmacy and that is the best way we can support the change in Colorado and to ensure that all of our customers can have safe access to this important medicine,” Sam said in the letter.

“Sam’s is a proud part of our community and we continue to support and work with our partners and customers to ensure the best possible service and quality products for all our customers.”

The chain also said it will be updating its customer service and website, which will be open for business.

“In addition, we will be implementing a new business development process, including an automated process for scheduling an appointment, scheduling a delivery, and ordering a medication, with a focus on helping people navigate the state’s legal recreational marijuana program,” Sam says.