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‘Weird’ Tom’s Pharmacy in New South Wales has ‘black market’ products, reports report

A popular pharmacy in New Zealand has been forced to suspend sales of its Black Magic brand after receiving complaints about its ingredients and the quality of the products it sells.

Tom’s Pharmaceutics is owned by a family trust, which has previously sold brands including Dr Pepper and Magic Mushrooms.

The trust owns the company, and the owners of the trust also own Tom’s pharmacy, which is the company’s only business.

But in a letter sent to the trust, the owners wrote that Tom’s had been “further and further removed from the normal supply chain” and that “many of the items that are in our products are not from our business”.

Tom’s also received complaints about the products being made with “unapproved and unsanitary” ingredients.

“This is not the first time we have been in a position where we have had issues with this kind of product, and we will be looking to investigate what has been done and how we can ensure that this does not happen again,” the letter said.

“Tom’s has no plans to discontinue the Black Magic products we sell and will be fully supporting its future products.”

The letter also said that the trust had “no control over the quality or quality of our products” and said “we do not have the financial resources to undertake any further investigations”.

The trust said it would investigate the matter “as soon as possible”.