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Target to launch its own pharmacy in Italy

Target will open its own retail pharmacy in the city of Genoa, a company spokesperson has said.

The new store will be the third in the region and will be located at the corner of La Vecchia and Giustiniani Streets.

Target previously opened an outlet in Genoa and has been expanding there in recent years.

The announcement comes after Target announced last month it would invest €200m (£169m) to expand its existing pharmacy in Genoese town of Liguria, which it described as a “key strategic hub”.

Target previously said it was targeting a store in Genova and another in Verona, where it also operates. 

The new store is the latest in a series of expansion plans for the Italian chain, which is also expanding its presence in China, Japan and the United States.

Last year, Target said it would open its first store in Shanghai, where the company is currently expanding its business. 

In November, Target revealed it would be closing its existing stores in Italy and China in 2018 and 2019.