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How Target Is Killing the CVS Pharmacy With Its Antivirus-Free Pharmacy Hours

Target is using its anti-virus software to limit the number of pharmacy hours it offers to its customers, according to the company’s CEO.

The company announced Wednesday that it will no longer offer pharmacists an hour-a-day option, which it said would save the company $6 million per year.

Target says it wants to “make it easy for our customers to shop, manage their prescription and keep their prescriptions up-to-date.” 

The move comes after several recent studies have shown that pharmacists are often underpaid and underutilized.

In April, the company announced that it was increasing the hourly wage for pharmacists from $7.25 to $8 an hour, a move that it said helped “bring the average hourly pay in pharmacy from $12.13 to $13.37 per hour.” 

The change comes on the heels of Target announcing in April that it would raise the hourly rate of its pharmacists to $10 an hour by 2021, from $8.70 an hour in 2020.

 While pharmacists will now be able to work an extra hour to keep up with demand, they will also be limited to two hours of “prescription management” time each day. 

“The new pharmacists hourly pay is lower than the current pharmacists pay,” Target said in a statement.

“It is also the lowest hourly pay that pharmacist will ever receive.

Target has been committed to providing pharmacists with the ability to manage their prescriptions and provide a high-quality pharmacy experience.”

Target said it will also now offer pharmacist managers a new $2,000 bonus per year, to compensate them for their “extra hours.”