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Walmart says customers will receive free phone numbers with the launch of its new mobile ordering app

Walmart says it will provide customers with free phone number alerts when their smartphones become more than an item.

The company said in a statement on Monday that the new mobile app will allow customers to place and pick up calls, texts, and emails without ever touching a computer.

The company said it will offer free phone verification to all customers for a year.

“We’ve always strived to provide our customers with as many ways to interact with us as possible, and we’re excited to bring this new mobile feature to our customers,” Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Wirch said.

“We believe it’s important for customers to know they can always be reached through our online shopping platform.”

Walmart, which began offering phone verification on Tuesday, said customers will get an alert when their phone’s number is assigned to a call or text.

The number will show up in a “call list,” which the company said will be similar to the “phone book” in its retail stores.

The phone number will not appear in a customer’s “list of phones.”

The company is also making available the first 100,000 free phone alerts, a Walmart spokesperson said.

Walmart said customers can add their phone number to the list and the alerts will be sent to their phone.

The new service will be available in stores and in Walmart’s online store starting today.

The app, which was developed by Amazon, was designed to help customers find stores with more popular products.