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UK’s biggest drugmakers: UK pharmacy sector up for sale

The UK’s largest pharmacy companies are being sold to a consortium of private investors, with one offering up to £300m to buy the company and another offering up £100m.

The companies, which include Llanos and Aldi, will be bought for a combined £7.5bn by a consortium led by private equity firm Macquarie Capital.

Macquarie, one of the world’s largest private equity funds, has been involved in a series of takeover attempts in the past, including the sale of rival Marks & Russell to private equity group Bain Capital in 2013.

Macrochemicals is a pharmacy company that makes and sells pharmaceutical drugs.

It has a business in the UK which makes and dispenses injectable and oral medications, and also has a division which makes vitamins.

The consortium will buy Llanotis for £1.9bn, Aldi for £2.1bn, and Llano for £3.1b.

The buyout group is based in Hong Kong and includes hedge funds, private equity firms and private equity fund managers.

MacQuarie declined to say what the consortium’s investment strategy will be.

The consortium has been in talks with private equity groups about taking over the companies.

Mac Quarie declined comment.

Macromatics and Aldis have been in the news in recent months as the UK grapples with soaring prices, with pharmacies facing shortages of injectable medications.

In April, the Government announced it was introducing a price cap on all prescription drugs.

Macs, a unit of the global pharmacy giant Boots, recently announced that it was buying Aldi in a £5bn deal.

The pharmaceutical industry has been hit by a surge in drug prices since the Government introduced a cap on prescription drugs in May last year.

The price of the generic versions of some medicines have also been rising.

The new caps are designed to bring down prices on medicines.