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Canadian pharmacy can’t sell prescription pills to patients without their prescriptions

Can you find a prescription medicine online?

There’s no shortage of pharmacy websites, but if you’re an in-person pharmacist looking for a new product to stock in your pharmacy, you may be stuck in the dark.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has told in-house pharmacy chains like Pharmacy Benefit Inc. (PBWA) to stop selling to patients on their own sites.

The order applies to both online and off-site pharmacy sales.PBWA is the world’s largest supplier of prescription drugs to pharmacy owners in Canada, and in March this year announced a plan to buy more than $10 billion worth of generic drugs, mainly from Pfizer.

However, in a statement to ABC News, PBWA said the FDA’s order does not apply to online pharmacy sales because of the pharmacy’s role as an independent supplier of generic medicines to health care providers.

In a statement, PBWM said the order would apply only to PBWA’s online pharmacy, which it said “provides an important and diverse source of products to Canadians”.”PBWA’s ability to supply a wide range of products and services to Canadians is crucial to our business and to our customers,” the company said.PBWM also noted that the order will apply to other in-home pharmacies like Pharmacies Benefit Inc., which is one of Canada’s largest and most successful online pharmacies, and is owned by the parent company of Pharmacy Advantage Inc. and a Canadian drugmaker.

The companies’ dispute has sparked an international backlash against the order, which PBWA says is a clear violation of the drugmaker’s international agreements and is part of a broader attack on drug safety.

It says the FDA has unfairly targeted PBWA in its “sensational” and “misguided” attempt to impose new regulations on the Canadian industry.

“We have long maintained that our company is the most successful, safest and most cost-effective provider of generic and other non-generic drugs in Canada,” PBWA chief executive officer Brian Linton said in a written statement.

“It is not unreasonable to expect PBWA to continue to serve its customers as the preferred provider of these products in Canada.”PBWA, which was founded in 2005, has more than 3,000 pharmacists in Canada.

Its website says it provides “an unparalleled range of medications” to Canadian health care workers, including “medication for all types of diseases and conditions, including chronic pain, depression, cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and many other conditions”.

Its pharmacists also have access to prescription drugs for more than 25 million Canadians.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPA), a trade group representing pharmacy workers, said it was concerned about the order.

“The government’s recent moves to tighten drug safety requirements on pharmacies are a direct assault on pharmacists and the supply of affordable, effective medicine to Canadians,” the CPA said in its statement.

“It’s time for the government to step back and listen to the voices of pharmacists.”