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Why I switched to CVS pharmacy

I recently switched to a CVS Pharmacy in Florida and I noticed I was spending far more time looking at their medication inventory than I was looking at my medication, according to the CVS pharmacist.

He said he had to take a break from his daily schedule to give me the time to get my medication checked out. 

When he returned to work, I was still there, he said.

I thought maybe I had something wrong with my eyesight, so I called the pharmacist’s office and asked him to get me my medication.

He told me to call back later.

I did, and the pharmacy rep said he was just doing a routine checkup.

I asked what I should do.

“Take your prescription,” he said, according the video.

When I called back, he told me it was my prescription that needed to be taken.

I told him I was fine with that, he wrote.

He explained to me that he had no idea why I would need to take my medication and he could not help me.

“It’s not like I am the first one here,” he told my colleague. 

I called CVS again the next day and asked why my medication had not been checked out and why it was being taken.

The pharmacist told me that I had asked for an “additional test” and he needed to get back to me within a couple of hours.

I wanted to know how he knew I asked for a second test and that I hadn’t requested a second.

I was stunned, the pharmacan told me.

I’m a drug store owner, and I have a duty to follow the directions of the customer.

I explained I asked to take an extra test, that I needed to ask the pharma to call me back later and that he could come to the office to get the medication.

I said I wanted a test of my eyes, but I didn’t want it to be a second one.

“What is your prescription?” he asked. I didn