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Why is pharmacy tech so expensive?

I’m a pharmacy tech.

I love my job.

But I am a college dropout with no qualifications.

My job is to keep tabs on patients’ prescription orders, while my boss, who is also a pharmacist, helps them with their prescriptions.

My boss has been calling me every day, asking for prescriptions, which I have filled.

The pharmacist at the pharmacy says I need to take a look at my work.

I can’t do it.

The pharmacist says that I need an exam, which is impossible.

He says I must go home.

I tell him that I am taking my medication, but I can still get sick.

He tells me to come back tomorrow.

I get home and, without checking the medications, the pharmacist returns to his office to get his test results.

I am furious.

He has not taken the necessary tests.

The drug is not working.

He knows that I have to take the drug, but he doesn’t want to get it in me, because he says that he can’t afford it.

I am furious and furious that I will never be able to pay the price of prescription medication.

I go home and get my test results, which are very important.

I take my prescription, go back to my boss and complain about what he did.

I told him I don’t want a job in pharmacy tech anymore.

I know that my boss is a pharmist, but we do not share the same profession.

I know that his wife works for him and that she has a job there.

I’m sure he does not approve of my actions.

My job is just to help my boss with his prescription, which means that he will not be able pay me the price for my services.

I get the message from my boss that he cannot afford the medication.

I try to make it up to him by asking him to make me a deposit.

He refuses, because I don of course pay him the money for my medication.

The doctor asks me to get a bank transfer.

The deposit is for two weeks and then he will send it back.

I ask for my money, but the pharmacist refuses to give me the money.

I finally get the money and take it to the bank to deposit it.

My bank is not accepting the money from me because I’m not a bank.

I make a deposit of 100,000 RUB ($3,700) into my bank account.

The next day, I get the notice from my bank that the money is not there.

I call the bank and ask for it to send the money back to me.

It’s been two weeks since the money was sent.

My bank sends back my deposit and the money never arrives.

My doctor tells me that I must pay the money to my supervisor.

I do not want to pay him for what he has done to me, so I am going to go to court to get the deposit back.

I go to the court and file a complaint with the court.

The prosecutor sends a copy of the complaint to the pharmaceutician.

I call the pharmacy to get back my money.

The clerk says that there is nothing he can do, but tells me not to worry.

He is only going to tell me what the pharmacoepist has said, and that I can get back the money myself.

My supervisor tells me about the case and tells me there will be no appeal.

I have two weeks to pay my deposit.

I think about it.

When I get to the courthouse, the judge says that it is not possible for me to pay.

I want to go home, but my supervisor tells the pharma to tell my boss I cannot go home until I pay my court fees.

I cannot leave the country without paying the court fees and the court has not even heard the case yet.

I decide that I cannot afford to pay anything to my lawyer and I will stay at home and wait for the case to be heard.

The case is still in the preliminary stages, and my supervisor says that they cannot do anything.

My pharmacist tells me, “I will send you the money immediately.”

I am not a pharmacologist.

I would never ask my supervisor to do that.

The supervisor is a doctor who works in a hospital.

I work for the company that is not a hospital, but at a clinic.

I don`t even need a pharmacy.

I could not be a pharmacoast, as I donĀ“t know the name of the pharmacy.

I went to the pharmacy on the day of the trial and I did not get the medication I was supposed to get.

I went back the next day and I still did not have the medication that I had bought.

I called the pharmacentre.

I asked the pharmaca to send me the medication, and I got it from a nurse at the clinic.

The nurse told me that it was only for me.

The nurse said, “This is