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Which is better for you: the optumrex pharmacy or the pharmacy benefit manager?

The Optumrx Pharmacy, a chain of drugstores, is getting more aggressive about providing more discounts for its customers.

The chain announced Thursday it is extending its discounts to its customers, starting with $3.99 on select prescription drugs and expanding to $6.99 over the next month.

Optumrx says the discount is part of an effort to drive the growth of its pharmacy benefit managers.

“Our goal is to help patients shop for their medicine and get the best price possible,” Optumrex president David Tackett said in a statement.

Tackett says Optumryx has seen its average pharmacy benefit management discount grow from $3 to $4 per order.

The pharmacy benefit plan offers discounts for prescriptions that cost less than $1, which typically includes a one-time fee.

A spokesman for the company declined to comment.