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‘Huge relief’ for pharmacy employees who have been forced to work 24 hours a day for Walgreens pharmacy

Posted October 10, 2018 10:32:33 For many of the pharmacy workers who have faced the long hours and dangerous working conditions at Walgarts 24 hour chain of pharmacies, their relief was immediate and palpable.

“I am happy, I am happy,” said one of the workers.

In a recent video released by the advocacy group OUR Walmart, workers show how Walgens employees forced them to work the longest hours possible.

The video was produced by OUR Walmart after the group went undercover at a Walgreen store in Minneapolis.

We went into the Walgarten in Minneapolis and asked the staff what was going on, and they were like, ‘Well, we’re going to put you through this 24-hour cycle, you know.

So, we want to be sure you are working in the best conditions possible,'” said Stephanie, a member of OUR Walmart.

After she had finished filming, a Walgreen manager showed up and demanded to know why Stephanie and her fellow workers were being subjected to 24-hours a day hours of constant and unpredictable shifts.

When Stephanie said she was being paid the same as her colleagues, the manager asked her, “How do you think you’re going?

How’s the company doing?

“She said, “I’m really sad, I’m really hurt.

I can’t sleep.

I’m very, very tired.

I have to get up at 2 a.m. to get to the store.

“The manager told Stephanie she was not allowed to talk to her coworkers, even though she was on the same floor as them.

The manager then called the police, who arrested her and arrested Stephanie for “obstructing a peace officer,” according to the video.

The Walgys response is an example of how a chain of supermarkets is using the tactics of organized labor to impose its will on a workforce.

They are essentially trying to make a union out of this union, the workers say.

In response to the Walgo workers’ plight, Walgros management issued a statement saying they “will continue to make our pharmacies more secure and secure to meet our customers’ health and safety requirements.”

The workers say Walgards management has not acknowledged that it is breaking the law by requiring them to do the dangerous hours of overtime, and that it has also been working with the police to get the workers arrested and charged.