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Ontario man who allegedly faked prescriptions says he’s ‘shocked’ at being wrongly imprisoned

A woman in western Ontario has pleaded guilty to three counts of impersonating a doctor and two counts of obtaining a prescription for a substance she did not have.

Court documents show a woman from Ottawa allegedly filled out two forms for a drug she did have, but she didn’t have the correct amount.

Court records show the woman used two other forms to fill out the forms for an anti-anxiety medication.

Court files show she also used the two forms to purchase the drug, which was a benzodiazepine.

She was arrested in November after an officer discovered the woman had a prescription in her possession.

A fourth charge, which relates to the same drug, was withdrawn on Thursday.

A court affidavit says police are concerned about the possibility the woman could be using the medication to treat mental illness.

In a separate incident in May, police say they were called to a pharmacy in the village of Chatham, near Hamilton, when they found a man with a prescription that he claimed was for the same benzodiazapine he had purchased.

The man, who has not been identified, told officers he had just gotten off work and was driving home when he got a call from the pharmacy saying someone had been found with a benzodyne prescription.