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“Worth the wait” for a new home for my family

My kids and I had been looking for a place to live for a while.

It was only a matter of time before we moved, and our new house had already sold. 

So when I was asked to consider buying a house for my kids, I jumped at the chance. 

We were already looking at some pretty exciting options, like renting from a big, beautiful apartment, or taking the plunge into a large town home. 

“We’re going to move into a new house,” my wife said, when I suggested the big, modern place. 

But there were a few issues that were preventing us from moving, like an existing house that was in need of some major repairs.

So I ended up doing my best to make the process as smooth as possible.

I spent a lot of time with my wife, our new-found houseguest, and my kids in our tiny, one-bedroom home in the woods of the Canadian Rockies. 

The house itself is pretty small, with just a few square feet of space and a small living area.

The house sits right on a dirt road, and I’d say it’s a bit smaller than my house, but it was still spacious. 

I was also a bit anxious about how the kids would fit in the tiny space.

I had no idea that they’d have so much room.

I knew they’d need a bed and a desk, but I didn’t really have an idea what their space would look like. 

My kids and the dogs had to be able to move around, and they were constantly tugging on my hand to open the door or turn on the TV. 

On a whim, I decided to just make the most of the small space. 

A friend of mine offered to rent the house for us, and the house itself was already sold by then. 

After a bit of shopping, I was able to find a place that was affordable for our family, but also provided enough space for all of our kids to comfortably stay together.

I also wanted to make sure the house had a nice view of the Rockies, so I went with a wood-burning fireplace. 

While the fireplace was beautiful, I had to make it look nice, so my wife and I opted for an ironwood one. 

That way, the fire would still be warm, but the wood would be so much more comfortable. 

One of my favorite things about this house is the way it blends into the landscape.

The wood framing and the white walls are an added bonus. 

It was the perfect fit for our children, who would love to live here and play with their friends. 

At first, the house was a bit too small for our kids.

I found that when they were younger, they had to share the living room with their older brother and sister. 

When the older kids started getting older, their bedroom was the only place they could get comfortable.

They’d go to the bathroom, and come back to my kids’ room, where they could be alone and just be kids. 

Our youngest, Dylan, was the first to start going to the restroom, but when he started using the restroom with the rest of the family, I found myself worried about how much space he’d need to play with the other kids.

As soon as he started to take his own space, he would ask for the bathroom to be filled. 

Eventually, my wife took over. 

As the kids got older, Dylan and I would have to take turns using the bathroom together. 

Dylan’s bathroom was just as comfortable as mine, but he was still a bit hesitant.

When I’d get into a fight with him, I’d have to ask him if I could get out of the room. 

In the end, the bathroom became my favorite spot for my children to be together.

It allowed them to have some space to share their playtime, and it was also great for their mental health, since they’d be in a room with each other and not having to deal with their own anxiety. 

Because the children weren’t getting anywhere near as big of a deal as I was, the fireplace I’d chosen for the fireplace made a perfect fit. 

Since we were able to afford the fireplace, it had the ability to provide some warmth for our house, and also for Dylan and me. 

Even though the fireplace would only last two years, I felt like I was making the most out of it. 

With the help of my friends and family, we had the house completed in about four months.

I’d also like to think that the new home that we were planning for our daughters would be even better. 

And, to top it all off, I’ve been able to use some of the proceeds from this book to buy some new books for my daughters.