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How to use the new Walmart app in the city

Walmart has added a new feature to its app that allows users to see the number of pharmacies in their area.

The new feature is a “nearby pharmacy” option that is only available in the U.S.

A user can view the list of pharmacies they are nearby by selecting the menu option nearby in the upper left corner of the app.

The number of nearby pharmacies is limited to 5, and the map shows which pharmacies are in proximity.

The feature will be available for iPhone and iPad users in the coming weeks.

The map shows where each pharmacy is located.

If you are a pharmacy customer in the United States and have been searching for a nearby pharmacy, you can use the “near by” feature.

The feature will only be available in areas where there are multiple pharmacies within 10 miles of your address.

If you have other questions about the new feature, you may contact the Walmart U.K. sales team via the Walmart app support forum.