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Benzer pharmacy technician salary: $75,000

Medical device manufacturer Benzer Corp. reported a $75 million fourth-quarter profit in January, which was slightly better than analysts’ estimates.

Revenue was up 1.5 percent compared with the same period a year earlier, thanks to stronger demand for its own devices.

The company reported $1.1 billion in profit, including a net gain on revenue of $859 million.

The results were mostly driven by stronger demand from patients and healthcare organizations for its BenZerio insulin, which is used in more than a quarter of US diabetic patients.

The average price of BenZergio insulin was $749, compared with $1,129 for BenZera’s insulin.

The stock has gained more than 25 percent this year and is up more than 50 percent over the past year.

Benzer CEO Andrew Gollan said the company is focused on growing sales of its BenZeze insulin, its insulin-powered diabetes monitors and its other products.

BenZerr has sold $6.2 billion in branded products to date.

The firm plans to continue to sell its insulin products at lower prices in the coming years, said Gollany.

The profit margin, however, was only 3.7 percent, below the 3.9 percent expected by analysts, which excludes expenses.

Benzaone chief executive officer and chief financial officer David L. Muhle said the drugmaker’s sales and profit margins have been improving.

The group said that sales of Benzaones are up 25 percent year over year.

“In our view, the performance of Benzeones is an important benchmark to measure our ability to grow,” Muhl said.

Benzeone said it has $1 billion of unsecured debt and expects to continue refinancing.