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A letter from the doctor and a pharmacist to the pharmacy technician

This letter from a pharmaceutically trained doctor and pharmacy technician is to inform the pharmacy team of the serious condition of our patient.

It is for the benefit of our patients, as well as to assist the pharmacist and the team of pharmacy technicians who are working to support the pharmacy.

The letter also informs the pharmacy staff of the following: 1.

Our patient has had a severe head injury from a fall on the ground.

The patient has been unable to sit or stand.


The drug he was taking at the time of the fall has been removed and we are in the process of changing the dosage.


The dosage is being changed in the hope that this medication will help him regain some function of his brain.


We are in touch with the Department of Medical Education and Training and the hospital to find out more about the new dose of the drug that we will be changing.


We need more time to find a doctor in the area who can provide our patient with an accurate dosage and is also a pharmacy technician.


Please allow two weeks for the pharmaceuter to complete his or her duties.


Please keep us updated on our progress and the progress of the pharmacy technicians.


If you have any questions, please contact the pharmacuter at 619-926-4535 or visit the pharmacy office.

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