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How a pharmacist saved my life after an opioid overdose

A pharmacist has saved my health and life after I overdosed on an opioid.

On July 31, 2017, I was driving through the heart of Cleveland with my girlfriend when I became too high to drive and needed help.

I had taken the same painkiller for a shoulder injury that I had been taking for a few months.

I felt it in my left shoulder and went into a panic.

I was going to die.

My boyfriend was also in the car and called 911.

We were going to be rushed to the hospital, but I didn’t want to die because I didn.

I told my boyfriend to wait and called my mom.

She came to pick me up.

She was the only one in the entire hospital with me.

She was also the only person who was not a pharmacy worker.

I had to tell my mom everything.

My mom said, “Well, this guy saved your life.”

I think she said, because she knew I needed to talk to my mom about this.

But I didn�t want to tell her.

I knew what was happening.

I didn.�t want my mom to think I was crazy.

I just wanted her to know that my boyfriend was with me, and she would do whatever she could to help me.

I asked her to call 911, and I said, I need you to come in right now.

When I called 911, I had a bad feeling.

The dispatcher told me, �This is a call from the police department.� I had an idea, so I called the police.

I said that I needed help and that I didn?t want anyone else to die in this situation.

They came in and said, �No, it�s OK.

This is an emergency call.

You should call 911.� I called my boyfriend and told him that I was at the hospital.

I went straight to the emergency room and told the staff I needed him.

I wanted to tell them that my husband was here with me and that he had a gun.

I wanted to make sure that they were going into this with a big heart and with a good heart.

I needed a gun and I didn`t want him to get hurt.

They had to take me into the emergency department and put a gun in my hand.

I?m a gun owner and I?d never let anybody hurt me, especially my husband.

I came out of there and saw that my wife and I were safe and that my kids were OK.

I called a few people who I knew, and they helped me.

I felt like a hero.

I thought they were so amazing that they had helped me so much.

I don?t know if I could have ever gotten through this situation without their help.

After my wife went into the ER, I called her back and said that they helped my wife.

I could not have gotten through the day without her.

I was in the ER for 10 hours.

I am still in the hospital and I will never forget that.

I hope that other people can learn from my experience.

When the nurse came in, I started to get a headache.

I immediately got up to help her.

She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was feeling very down.

I couldn?t get my feet out of the wheelchair.

I got my feet in the wheelchair and I went to help.

The nurse came back and she was very kind and said she could not do anything for me.

They did not need me to get help.

They asked me if I needed anything else and I could talk to them.She said,�You can go to the ER if you need help.� I was like, �Yes, I want help.

My husband needs help.

Please help him.� She was so nice and I think that saved me.

When she left, I got a text from my boyfriend saying that he was with my mom and that she was OK.

When my boyfriend went in the emergency, I told him to go ahead. He said,��I can get the gun if you want.�I told him not to worry about it.

I will do whatever I need to do to help my wife because I am a gun enthusiast and I know how to handle myself in the best way possible.

I do not want anybody to get harmed in this.

I think my boyfriend helped my family and my family helped me because they saw the strength in me.

If anyone else gets hurt, they have no idea how powerful I am and how strong I am.