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How to get your new drug and your new car on the road

I’ve just come home from a long day in the office.

It’s my third day back in Canada.

I’ve been out of work for almost a year and am on a full-time salary, after being laid off from my job as a pharmacist in New Brunswick in December 2014.

The day I leave my office I’ll take the train home to Fredericton and get home to see my family and friends.

As I sit in the train car with my new baby daughter, I look out the window and see two of my former employers.

Two people who have come from the very heart of New Brunswick to be here.

That’s where I am today.

My life here is not about the money, it’s about being able to pay for my child’s education.

There are two main reasons I left my job: the first is the cost of living in New Brunswickers capital.

“My salary is just $9,200, and I’m paying for everything myself,” I said, holding the newborn.

In New Brunswick, we have an income tax rate of 2.5 per cent and it was just $4,000 more than what my employer was paying.

Second, my wife and I had two young children, so we wanted to make sure we had a cushion in case of an emergency.

We’re living in a rental property in New York City.

And when we first moved here, we were told that we would have to pay $5,000 to move into a new home, so my wife had to take out a $3,000 loan.

Now, with our children and our family, I can pay for our rent and utilities with my own money.

All of our expenses have gone down.

Even though the cost is higher, we still get what we pay for here.

There is a great feeling of pride when we see our friends and family in Frederictons downtown.

But I’m not proud to leave New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is the birthplace of my profession, my passion, and my love for this city.

When I started, I thought I would be doing the best job possible.

I had my work cut out for me.

What’s next?

I will be on my way to becoming a pharmacologist and hopefully, soon, becoming a pharmacy owner.

If you are interested in a job with King Pharmacy, please call 519-742-3227 or fill out our job application.

I look forward to working with you.