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How to shop at a pharmacy in New Zealand

New Zealand has the highest number of prescription drugs available at pharmacies in the world, according to data from the US pharmacy-referral site pharmacy.co.nz.

The pharmacy data reveals the average number of prescriptions per day in New Zeland is nearly twice as high as in other parts of the world.

More than half of the population of New Zealand have no access to prescription drugs, according the data.

In New Zealand, prescription drugs account for about a third of all prescription drugs.

Pharmacies that do not have prescription drugs are forced to accept those from other pharmacies, as long as they have a prescription from a doctor, a nurse or pharmacist, as well as a pharmacy card.

Pharmaceutical companies are struggling to find ways to sell prescription drugs to a growing market.

There are more than 3.5 million New Zealand residents who have never had a prescription for any prescription drug, the data shows.

The median price of a New Zealand-made medicine is about $6,000, according a 2017 report from research group IMS Health.

Pharmacists say they are under pressure to find cheaper options.

“We’ve got to look for alternatives,” Pharmacist Paul Lomax said.

New Zeland Pharmacy has just opened a new location in Hamilton.

It opened in December and has already had a lot of interest from local pharmacies.

“People want to know how to get into New Zealand and that’s a very good thing, and we’re happy to give them the opportunity to do so,” Lomux said.

“We are looking to expand as we move forward.”

New Zealand’s average cost of a day’s supply is around $1,500.

Some drugs can be cheaper than the average price.

For example, a 50-gram bag of Marihuana Therapeutic Grade is around 75 cents cheaper than a 50 gram bag of OxyContin.

In some cases, prescription-only drugs are more expensive than brand-name drugs.

The average price of prescription drug purchases in New England is $2,852.

A bag of Ibuprofen is about a quarter of that.