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How to buy prescription medicine in Germany online with a credit card – news24

You can buy prescription medicines online with your credit card.

Read moreThe German pharmaceutical company Bayer says it is working with the government to implement the new law and plans to open a pharmacy in every German town within the next year.

The company says it plans to launch a pharmacy next month in Cologne and the city of Hamburg.

A Bayer spokesperson said: “We’re working to get the pharmacies open as soon as possible, to give patients the best possible access to medicines, and we’re also preparing a pilot project for other cities.”

Bayer is also launching a pilot program in Hamburg to provide the same quality of medicine at a lower cost.

Read the full story: Bayer to open an ‘access to medicines’ pharmacy in GermanyThe pharma company has also set up a joint venture with the state of Brandenburg to provide online pharmacies to German citizens.

The joint venture aims to serve 1.5 million people by the end of 2019, and will also sell drugs directly to consumers in Germany, according to Bayer.

Bayer says it has been offering online pharmacies in Germany since 2009, and has now opened seven such pharmacies.

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