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The Best Pharmacy Deals in Ohio

By JENNIFER KLEIN, APMINS STAFF WriterRead more about pharmacy coverage:APMINS Health plans are the largest employer in Ohio, and its employers account for more than 40 percent of the state’s workforce.

But as they have become increasingly popular, they’ve faced some concerns.

One of those concerns is the rising costs of prescription drugs.APMins Health Plans have begun asking doctors to limit the number of prescriptions they can dispense, even for those that are needed by employees.

They are also considering raising the threshold for which employees are eligible for discounted health insurance plans.

The rules, if passed, would require all employer-sponsored health plans to limit or limit the total number of prescription drug prescriptions a doctor can dispenses.

The rules could affect about 9 million people in Ohio.

The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange has not issued a final rule for the rules to take effect.

The APMins plans say the move would help prevent people from taking the pills without knowing it.

But the Ohio Board of Pharmacy said in a statement that the plan would require employees to provide written documentation of a drug prescription, which could mean an employer-paid insurance plan would not be able to cover the cost of the prescription, as it currently does.

“In addition, employers would have to determine whether or not they will cover the entire cost of a prescription for a covered employee in the event of a cost-sharing reduction or other reduced benefit provision,” the statement said.APmins is the largest provider of health insurance in Ohio and has about 40,000 employees.

It is one of the three largest employer-based health plans in the state.APMNIns, which also has about 3,500 employees, has also faced criticism for not making sure its employees have access to health insurance.

The company is the state insurer for about 1.2 million people and about 25 percent of them are employed by APMens plans.

It has not published a rule for employees to be able pay for their own prescription drugs or coverage for drugs taken by their employer.APmins CEO David St. Louis said in an interview that APMans is “very concerned” about the rules.

He added that APMNIns plans have a long history of making decisions based on the cost and benefit of the product, not the cost or quality of the drugs.

He also said the company is working to get more data about the effects of the rules before deciding whether to proceed with them.