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Giant pharmacy says it won’t allow shoppers to buy the product it’s selling for $15

Costco pharmacy in Melbourne’s CBD has pulled an advert for a prescription drug that cost more than $15 and threatened to stop selling it after being contacted by shoppers who felt they were being ripped off.

The ad, which was posted on the pharmacy’s Facebook page on Thursday, asks people to visit the shop and buy a pack of pills, which will be priced at $15.

It states: “If you’ve been to our Melbourne CBD store, you may have seen the giant pharmacy on offer.

We’re sorry you have to pay this high price.

We’ll be happy to refund you.”

It’s not clear what the other advertised drugs are.

The pharmacy is one of the most profitable in the city and has been advertising for a number of years.

It’s one of many that have been hit by competition from cheaper generic drugs, which are available for much cheaper prices.

The giant pharmacy has not yet responded to a request for comment from ABC News.

Costco’s website also lists its two pharmacies in the CBD, which is where the pharmacy advertises the drug, as well as in Ballarat and Parramatta.

Costed items include: Costco Pharmacy: $7.40 for 100 tablets, $8.40 each for 200 tablets, and $8 for 200 capsules.

Costa-Marina: $3.95 for 500ml of cream or gel, $5.00 for 100ml of liquid cream, and free shipping on all other orders.

Lotto: $10.40 per $100 in cash.

Staples: $20.00 a month for 100 packs of tablets and $30 a month with a $150 subscription.

Nestlé: $2.80 for 250ml of water.

Mint Julep: $8 a month.