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How much will CEO of Johnson & Johnson’s Johnson &amore Pharmaceuticals earn?

Johnson &ams pharmaceuticals company has a $1 billion valuation, but CEO Doug McMillon says the stock’s high valuation makes it a “valuable business” but it can still be risky to invest.

The stock was up 5% Friday morning after McMillon announced the company’s stock was trading at an all-time high.

McMillon is CEO of a company that manufactures medical devices and other medical supplies.

In addition to the stock price, McMillon said Johnson &amps stock is up by 30% year-to-date.

He said the company will continue to grow its revenue.

McMillion said the value of the company is more than the company itself, adding Johnson & amore is an “important business” that he hopes to continue to help the company grow.

Johnson &amp.; Johnson&n&ampl, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, announced last month it had reached a $100 billion deal with Pfizer to develop a new drug for cancer.

Johnson &Amore is a biopharmaceutical company based in Columbus, Ohio.

McMillon said Johnson&ams shares are up 10% since it first listed the stock last week.

Johnson&amp!amp;s stock has been up about 50% year to date.

The company has had a difficult start to the year due to the election of Donald Trump and the health care overhaul passed by Congress.

Johnson&amore shares have fallen 25% since the start of the year, with the stock now trading at a discount to the benchmark index.

The pharmaceutical company has been battling the opioid epidemic and other public health problems, but the stock has also been hurt by lower-than-expected sales from its existing products.

Johnson’s stock fell about 3% Friday, though the stock recovered to its pre-election highs by Sunday.

Johnson’s stock has lost almost half of its value in less than a year.