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WalMart pharmacy closed for good in Miami, but other pharmacies remain open


(Reuters) – A Florida pharmacy that sold prescription drugs and other supplies for use by people with Alzheimer’s disease has closed its doors, the company said on Wednesday, after losing thousands of dollars of revenue.

The Walgreens store in Miami was closed on Tuesday, but it had remained open for several weeks, the firm said in a statement.

It said it had taken over the pharmacy and would remain open until a suitable buyer could be found.

The pharmacy’s closure comes after a string of closures in Florida, including a $5.3 million sale in February that saw Walgreen lose about $200,000 of sales.

The Florida Department of Health and Environmental Control (FDOH) said on Tuesday it would be seeking a buyer for the pharmacy, which opened in 2000 and was the third-largest pharmacy in the United States, behind the Walgrosons and CVS chains.

It took over a $1.4 billion budget from the state’s Department of Children and Families.

The company said it was looking for a buyer that would not impact the ability of its employees to access their medication.

A spokesperson for Walgens pharmacy chain said the company was reviewing the situation and would respond at a later time.