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Big Eats: Why are you still eating so much?

Big Eaters magazine is publishing its new cover story this week, and the answer to that question is, quite simply, because we are.

In addition to a brand new cover image and exclusive video interview with Erika Rohrer, the magazine is launching an ad campaign featuring the famous bird.

“We know that many of our readers are fans of the eagle, and they want to know why we’re still eating that much,” editor-in-chief John Loesch said.

“Erika Rohrrer is an eagle enthusiast and the best-selling author of The Eaze: How I Cheat My Way to Perfecting My Eating Habits.

She shares her secrets for living a fuller life, while also exploring her favorite foods, from the humble turkey to the famous chow mein.”

In her new book, The Ease of Eating, Erika tells the story of how she overcame years of eating disorder, becoming the best eater she could be and the person she always wanted to be.

“We’re going to be giving away a limited edition of Erika’s book and a $250 Amazon gift card, plus free shipping and returns.

To enter, simply visit BigEats.com/giveaway and enter your email address.