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How to choose a pharmacy in your area

From: CVS/Sam’s Club CVS and Sam’s Club have joined forces to offer a new program that will make it easier for consumers to find a pharmacy near them.

The new Pharmacy Finder program will allow consumers to search for pharmacies in their local area by zip code, location, and pharmacy type.

Consumers will also be able to easily access information about pharmacies in pharmacies near them by typing in their zip code and the pharmacy’s address in the search box.

Consumers can also enter their ZIP code to search by specialty pharmacy or pharmacy type, or by zip and street name.

The Pharmacy Finders app will also let consumers search for a pharmacy by zipcode, specialty pharmacy location, pharmacy type or address.

This partnership between CVS, Sam’s Clubs pharmacy network, and the Sam’sClub brand is part of the new Sam’sMarket.com, a new marketplace that will help consumers find and shop for their health and wellness needs in the marketplace.

In addition, consumers will be able search for all of the Sams Club brands in the SamMarket.org marketplace, including its brands and health and beauty products, by name and address.

The Marketplace Finder will be available in CVS stores and SamsClub.com starting October 1, 2018.

Consumers who are already in the CVS Pharmacy Store in their area will have access to the Pharmacy Search app starting October 6, 2018, while consumers who are not currently in a CVS store in their neighborhood will have a way to search across the SamSClub.org and SamMarketplaces.com markets.

SamsMarket.io, a marketplace that is the successor to the SamClubs.com marketplace, will also feature a new Pharmacist Search feature that will allow for more efficient access to health and pharmacy information in the future.

SamMarket will continue to be an important part of SamsHealthcare, where consumers will find products, services and other consumer information they need and can easily access.

For more information, visit www.samshealthcare.com.

For information on the Sam and SamCluster brand, visit SamClusters.com and SamSam.com/Sam.


To view the list of Sam and Sams in your ZIP code, visit: https://www.cvs.com/#/search/sams